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ACANA membership begins with sponsorship by an existing Full Member. Prospective members will then need to complete an application demonstrating that they meet the following requirements:

Get an ACANA Sponsor1)       To qualify as a Full Member of the association, the prospective member must be a U.S.-based air charter broker, air carrier (Part 135 or Part 121) or ancillary service provider to the air charter industry.  Prospective Full Member companies must be incorporated in North America as defined by the association as: those countries and territories wholly contained within the area east of the International Date Line, west of 45 degrees W, and north of 10 degrees N.

2)       Non-U.S. air charter brokers and air carriers may become Associate Members provided they conduct a portion of their business in the U.S. and meet all the requirements and best practices for those activities conducted in the U.S.

3)       All prospective members (Full Members and Associate Members) must be sponsored by an existing full member.

4)       Prospective member companies (Full Members and Associate Members) must meet the following:

a)        Have been in business continually for a minimum of three years; companies with less tenure may be considered for associate membership if the Board of Directors deems that they meet all other criteria.

b)        Demonstrate that air charter brokering is the candidate organization’s full-time occupation (required of air charter brokers only).

c)        Furnish either a published public statement of accounts (for publicly traded companies) or a letter from a Certified Public Accountant stating that the company is in good financial standing.

d)        Furnish three letters of recommendation from air carriers (required of air charter brokers only).

e)        Provide a copy of their annual report or articles of formation filed with the state identifying who the owners are and demonstrating that the organization is a proper legal entity.

f)        Demonstrate that they have 24/7 capabilities to service customers, and back up plans in case they are absent or become incapacitated.

g)        Prospective Part 135 operator members must meet the following:

i)        Full Members: All Full Member Part 135 operators will need to be current on at least one of the following: Wyvern Recommended, ARGUS Platinum or Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) audited.

ii)       Associate Members: All Associate Member Part 135 operators (or foreign equivalent) will need to be current on at least one of the following: Wyvern Registered, ARGUS Gold or Air Charter Safety Foundation audited.

h)       Full Members shall utilize Wyvern Ltd., ARGUS International Inc. or the Air Charter Safety Foundation audit system when brokering Part 135 charter flights on U.S.-based Part 135 carriers.

i)         Not include any member of management or trading staff who has been convicted, fined or sanctioned as a result of civil or criminal proceedings related to unlawful business practices.

j)         Not include any member of management or trading staff who has been in violation of any applicable DOT or FAA regulations governing the operation of charter flights.

k)       Must certify that they only transact business with Part 121 or Part 135 operators or operators with an international equivalent air carrier certificate for public transportation. Members further certify that air carriers utilized must be in good standing with the DOT and FAA regarding all operational and safety standards.

l)         Agree to adhere to all DOT and FAA regulations concerning the operation of single entity, public, and pro-rata charter flights. Members will also maintain DOT-approved escrow accounts as required by DOT (public charter flight operations).

m)     With respect to air charter brokering of flights on Part 121 certified carriers, members must sign a proclamation stating that they disclose the name of the air carrier in their customer agreement.

n)       If granted membership, members agree not to enter into a contract based on speculative pricing that is not predicated on actual market availability.

5)        When submitting a membership form, prospective Full Members/Associate Members certify that they conduct business in an ethical manner. The Board has the right to adjudicate whether the demonstrated ethics of a prospective Full Member/Associate Member meet the requirements of membership.

6)       All applications will be reviewed and voted upon by the Board at the next board meeting after submission. Membership dues will become payable immediately after membership is approved, and membership shall commence immediately upon receipt of payment at the registered office of the association.

7)       Membership is subject to the rules and bylaws of the association, a copy of which will be provided to each approved member upon request.

8)       All Full Members / Associate Members will display the ACANA logo on their commercial websites and email signatures.

9)       Broker Members will in good faith adhere to DOT guidelines concerning advertising and will take steps to avoid consumer confusion relative to their status as an air charter broker and not an operator. This includes prominently posting air charter broker disclaimers on their websites.  Failure to do so may, at the discretion of the Board, result in termination of membership.

10)   Fees: Annual fee for Full Members is $1500. Annual fee for Associate Members is $350.

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