Project Description

Air Charter Safety Foundation

The Air Charter Safety Foundation (ACSF) was established to enable on-demand charter providers and fractional program managers to achieve the highest levels of safety in the aviation industry. The ACSF promotes and facilitates risk management programs, advocates for industry adoption of one common standard, disseminates safety information and creates additional programs that advance the goals of the foundation.

Membership in the ACSF primarily includes Part 135 certificate holders, Part 91K management companies, Part 91 operators, OEMs, brokers, insurers, FBOs, aviation consultants and safety professionals. Through research, collaboration and education, the ACSF advances charter and fractional aircraft ownership industry standards and best practices. It also promulgates safety and service benchmarks and promotes the universal acceptance of safety management systems.

The ACSF also provides accurate and objective information about air charter and fractional aircraft ownership providers as one of the most important and versatile public transportation resources.

The ACSF is passionate about aviation safety and our guiding principles include teamwork with our leadership, colleagues and members. Our guiding principles focus on integrity in our audit standard, research, data and programs. Additionally, the foundation’s openness fosters new ideas and creative partnerships, objectivity to our analysis and portrayal of the charter industry, accountability to our members, their passengers, the public, and each other.

Company: Air Charter Safety Foundation

Category: Nonprofit Foundation – 501 (c)(3)

Founded: 2007

Locations: Alexandria, VA