Project Description

Ultimate Jet Charters

Although Ultimate Jetcharters LLC headquarters is located in the state of Ohio, we have
30-seat Dornier 328 jets based at general aviation airports in Green and Cincinnati Ohio, Fort Worth, Texas, and in Oklahoma City. UltimateJetcharters is a highly-specialized aviation company with eight 30-seat Dornier 328 jets in our private air charter fleet.

These versatile, incredibly reliable aircraft allow us to provide private air charter services to a wide range of clients. Our area of specialty is operating corporate / project shuttles. In fact, since 2005, we have operated 17 different shuttle programs for Fortune-ranked companies.

Some of our other active areas of providing charter services include: college athletic teams (in conjunction with fellow ACANA member, CharterSearch), casino trips, investor / business road shows and high-profile charters for clients that have included numerous top music performers, TV and movie celebrities, heads of state, international religious leaders, royalty and presidential candidates.

As a 135 direct air charter carrier, our clients enjoy all the benefits of flying privately. Our clients have complete schedule control: no showing up an hour and a half before flights; no long check-in lines at the ticket counter; and no gate waits or intrusive searches at security checkpoints. Our clients enjoy up-close and free parking at private facilities, and convenient, comfortable flights on newer jet equipment. In addition, we are able to fly our 30-seat Dornier 328 jets into smaller airports—closer to clients’ final destinations—with a secure, hassle-free private air charter experience.

At Ultimate Jetcharters, we provide our customers with an unequalled commitment to customer satisfaction. We will always do everything possible to make sure that every flight is an enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

Company: Ultimate Jetcharters LLC

Category: Part 135 Air Charter Operator

Founded: 1984

Locations: Ohio